It is hard to distinguish Croatia’s national team from the first club in those first two years of croatian footy. Some of the first matches the club has played were in national team guernseys. Today we can surely say that the Croatian Knights were created during 2006-2007.


Top row left to right: Mark Bervanakis, Sunil, Kolja Koračak, Frank Jelinčić, Ivan Srpek
Bottom row left to right: Dave Smith, Adam Lončar, unknown, Osor 



Top row left to right: Klokan, Robert Gojević, Ivan Srpek, unknown, Matija Bašić, Matija Mucavac, Igor Franić, Kolja Koračak
Bottom row left to right: Josip Kravar, Robert Polgar, Ante Lončar, krešo Franić, Ivan Kušen, Adam Lončar


During 2007. with the increase in number of players and a new club foundation the Croatian knights grew stronger. They have easily defeated Austria and Czech Republic in the CEAFL tournament.


Top row left to right: Krešo Franić (c), Igor Franić, Josip Kravar, Matija Bašić, Ivan Srpek, David Smith (vc), Fran Tonković, Tomislav Tonšetić, Marko Belić, Dinko Šego, Ivan Kušen, Kolja Koračak, Adam Lončar
Bottom row left to right: Ante Lončar, Matja Mucavac, Goran Lešković 


Croatian national team (Croatian Knights) won the silver medal in EU Cup in Prague. In the group stage they defeated Austria and France, in the quarterfinals prevailed against Scotland, in the semifinals they beat Germany and were defeated in the final by England. The Knights were the biggest surprise of the tournament.


Top row left to right: Tomislav Cvetko, Igor Franić, Renato Babić, Kolja Koračak, Ivan Srpek, Fran Tonković, Krešo Franić, Matija Bašić
Bottom row left to right: Ivan Kušen, Marko Belić, Adam Lončar, Josip Kravar (c), Igor Svoboda, Ante Lončar (vc), Tomislav Tonšetić


Croatia hosted the EU Cup which took place in the beautiful city of Samobor. Croatian Knights won the bronze medal. They defeated Austria, France and Scotland finishing first in their group. In the semifinals more experienced Holland took the victory and Croatia had to satisfy themselves with bronze. England won for the second year in a row.


Top row left to right: Tomislav Cvetko, Matija Mamić, Josip Josipović, Fran Tonković, Milijan Mamić, Davor Deranja, Krešo Franić, Vanja Paris, Ante Lončar (vc), Ivan Srpek, Kolja Koračak
Bottom row left to right: Marko Belić, Igor Franić, Josip Kravar (c), Dean Brebrić, Ivan Kušen, Tomislav Tonšetić, Igor Svoboda


National team played in the first european championship in Kopenhagen and Malmo, where it ended fifth. In the group stage Croatia won against Germany and lost against Ireland and Sweden. In the 5th place match Croatia defeated Iceland. Once again two of our players were selected into the team of the tournament: Tomislav Cvetko and Josip Kravar


Top row left to right: Tomsilav Cvetko (vc), Ivan Molnar, Tony Grgurić, Luka Veličan, Fran Tonković, Ante Kovačević, Matija Mamić, Zvonimir Klenović, Kolja Koračak
Bottom row left to right: Milijan Mamić, Davor Deranja, Luka Čudina, Ivan Kušen, Josip Kravar (c), Tomislav Tonšetić, Igor Svoboda, Marko Belić

That same year Croatia won the EU Cup in Milan. On the golden road to victory the Knights defeated Austria, Wales, Ireland and Holland. The final against Holland will be remebered by the last second goal to win the game for Croatia.


Top row left to right: Ante Kovačević, Tomislav Cvetko, Kolja Koračak, Vanja Paris, Ivan Molnar, Matija Mamić, Josip Josipović, Fran Tonković, Ante Lončar (vc)
Bottom row left to right: Davor Deranja, Marko Belić Igor Franić, Matija Bašić, Josip Kravar (c), Tomislav Tonšetić, Luka Čudina


In 2011. The Euro Cup was held in Northern Ireland. On the road to the finals Knights defeated Russia, Catalonya and Italy. In the final Croatia was defeated by the world champion Ireland. Tomislav Cvetko and Fran Tonković were named to the best team of the tournament.


Top row left to right: Kolja Koračak, Tomislav Cvetko (c), Tomislav Maršić, Milijan Mamić (vc), Ivan Molnar, Matija Mamić, Fran Tonković, Josip Josipović, Ante Lončar
Bottom row left to right: David Lazanin, Josip Kravar, Srđan Bursać, Luka Čudina, Igor Svoboda, Tony Grgurić


Croatian national team participated in EU Cup in Edinburgh and finished 5th. After winning against Austria, France and Sweden, Croatia was stopped in the quarterfinals by Denmark. Croatia had a new younger team and it was a great experience.


Top row left to right: Filip Lenić, Tomislav Cvetko (c), Josip Josipović (vc), Ivan Molnar, Toni Šantić, Igor Galez, Tomislav Maršić, Zoran Zlatar, Ivan Ivoš, Tony Grgurić
Bottom row left to right: Igor Svoboda, Zvonimir Murković, Josip Kravar, Luka Čudina, David Lazanin, Tomislav Tonšetić, Ivan Šumelj


Croatian national team participated in the European Championship in Dublin and finished 5th. Tomislav Cvetko was the best scorer of the championship and along side Josip Habljak and Josip Kravar a part od the team of the tournament. Josip Kravar was also selected as the best manager of the tournament which shows us a great deal about the effort of AAFC.


Top row left to right: Filip Lenić, Saša Obad, Igor Galez, Marin Kolanović, Josip Josipović, Ivan Ivoš, Antonio Šantić, Ivan Molnar (vc), Tomislav Maršić, Josip Habljak, Dino Sulić, Frane Boban, Tomislav Cvetko (c) 
Bottom row left to right: Zvonimir Marinović, Josip Kravar, Dejan Pavković, Luka Punda, Jan Doležal, Zvonimir Murko, Tomislav Nedić, Dario Horak, Davor Deranja, David Lazanin, Ignacije Valečić, Tomislav Tonšetić (vc), Luka Đukić

Knights won the bronze medal in Bordeaux on the Axios Euro Cup. Knights stormed thorugh the group stage and lost in the semifinals against England by only 6 point. They defeated Italy with ease in the third place match.



Top row left to right: Filip Lenić, Ivan Molnar, Ivan Ivoš, Tomislav Maršić, Josip Josipović, Igor Galez, Zvonimir Marinović, Josip Habljak, Tomislav Cvetko (c), 
Bottom row left to right: Josip Kravar, David Lazanin, Jan Doležal, Luka Čudina, Zvonimir Murko, Tomislav Nedić, Dario Horak, Dino Sulić (injury during competition)


Croatian national team appeared at the Axios Euro Cup in London after strenuous preparation.  They were placed in group with Denmark, Austria and Catalonia. Knights defeated Austrians and Catalans without great difficulty, but Denmark was better by 6 points. As second in group stage they played against host England in the quarter finals. With a goal in the last second of the game Knights expel the English team from the tournament and went to the semifinals. German team was already waiting for them but Croats were simply to strong and went straight to the finals with Denmark. The Danes are better side once again and they win their first Euro Cup in history. With a silver medal Croatian team became the most successful team in the history of the Euro Cup. Josip Habljak was elected to the best team of the tournament.


Top row left to right: Ante Lončar, Igor Galez, Tomislav Cvetko (c), Tomislav Maršić, Josip Habljak, Ivan Molnar (vc), Ivan Liović, Zvonimir Marinović, Filip Lenić
Bottom row left to right: Tomislav Tonšetić, Jan Doležal, Josip Kravar, Zvonimir Murković, David Lazanin, Lovre Čudina, Jure Prtenjača, Mišel Lubina


This year is special for several reasons. Association of Australian Football-Croatia was given the honor to host the Euro Cup in Umag and the oportunity to catch the gold medal in front of their audience. Also we are proud because of the first female footy club in Croatia Velika Gorica-Mambas, which is also the foundation of our women’s national team, already called out Croatian Queens. Ante Lončar is our men’s team head coach, while Hrvoje Habljak is elected to lead our girl’s national team. Our Knights won another Euro Cup bronze medal beating Ireland in Umag. Queens finished 4th in their first appearance which is great result.