This weekend our national teams will participate in the Euro Cup in Cork. The Croatian Queens and Croatian Knights are in their top form and the primary reason for that is a good preparation done by their coaches. We used this occasion to talk to the coaches and asked them about their expectation from this year’s Cup.

Coach of the women’s national team Dinko Irsag is very proud of the players because they have shown the “effort and energy to achieve a lot.“

During the preparation, the main goal was to create a positive family atmosphere that later enabled even better training sessions.

In my opinion, the Croatian League has a great influence on the player’s progress and their understanding of the game. Each round of the League brings something new and exciting”, Irsag said.

Two years ago, at the Euro Cup in Lisbon, Croatian Queens won the bronze medal, which represents the main motive for the improvement of the game.

“The achievements of the former national team should be praised, but we should always strive for a better and more successful result and I think that this team can achieve it”, Irsag explained.

The Queens are placed in group A alongside France, Scotland, and Ireland.

“The group stage is difficult, but only because these are quality teams. Every year they become stronger and more competitive. This is a positive thing because it leads to a better game and improvement of the sport in general”, Irsag concluded.

Male team head coach Ivan Molnar is also satisfied with the group stage draw.

Croatian Knights are in groups C together with the Netherlands and Israel. Molnar pointed out that the group is “neither easy nor too difficult”, and he also told us what was the main focus of Knights Euro Cup preparation.

The main goal is to create a positive and working atmosphere in the team. There were several things we tried to improve. I expect us to be at our best level and achieve the greatest results. Our mission is simple: we’re planning to win each game” Molnar said.

The preparations for the Euro Cup began during the last two rounds of the Croatian League, and the good thing is that there were no serious injuries.

Croatian Knights are current World Champions in Division 2 and had won the Euro Cup twice.

“At the last Euro Cup, we were seventh and because of that, there shouldn’t be any pressure. It is normal that there is a certain amount of pressure, but we should not let it become an obstacle. So far, we put this pressure on ourselves only to motivate us. We can’t wait for the tournament to start“, Molnar concluded.