Last weekend we’ve had a chance to watch HLAN Grand Final 2016. at the popular field “Krtičnjak” next to the Faculty of kinesiology in Zagreb. It was a clash of two of the best teams this season Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers and Zagreb Hawks.

Dockers took the lead at the start and led 25-8 . However it was not a one-way game with Hawks trying to come back into the game in the third and fourth quarter. 2 minutes before the end they were just 2 goals behind (12 points). Then Hawks scored a goal but goal and main umpire decided it was just another behind .

Right away Cvetko scores his first goal of the game and Dockers were ready to celebrate. Hawks indeed had their moments in the game and looked even better in some segments of the game, but 19 behinds in a big game like this, against such a good opponent was too much. On the other hand, Dockers had a high performance led by Lovre Čudina who scored 5 goals.

Final score was 79-61 for Dockers.

Hawks best players: Habljak J., Cvetnić M., Doležal J.
Dockers best players: Čudina Lovre, Čudina Luka, Sulić D.