Croatian Queens are going to their secong competition, after last years successful debut in Umag where they finished 4th.

Head coach Hrvoje Habljak announced his final list of girls which will defend Croatian colors in Lisbon in October.

  1.  Ana Barišić
  2. Anamarija Štengl
  3. Dora Jakupović
  4. Dorotea Miković
  5. Nika Fučkar
  6. Matea Sedlaček
  7. Jelena Habljak
  8. Marija Kos
  9. Kristina Hrabar
  10. Kristina Vrbek
  11. Petra Vargek
  12. Ana Zrno
  13. Marta Klopotan
  14. Sara Malić
  15. Stela Antolić
  16. Tea Ramljak

Team is combined with players from our two women’s footy clubs; Velika Gorica Mambas and Zagreb Panthers. Head coach Habljak and his assistant Jure Prtenjača now have a mission to prepare them for the Euro Cup to make a new step forward on the European footy scene.

Good luck to our Queens!