The return of “Croatian Knight”

The first professional Australian football player, Josip Habljak, left Croatia in 2015 when he signed an agreement with Australian Sturt FC. He was regularly called the best team player, he played CEAFL, participated in European cups and championships, and then finished in one of the strongest AFL leagues. What he experienced and achieved there, how he spend […]

Footy – a beautiful game from the land of kangaroos

Many people today equate Australian football with rugby and American football. Although there are  similarities, there are also several differences. Keep reading and find out the key differences between these sports. The concept of rugby encompasses all sports connected with football, so Australian and American football, but today that term is only  about rugby union […]

Pleasant talk with new Knights coaches

Croatian Australian Football National Team has a new coaching leadership: two players from our national team, Josip Kravar Zagreb Hawks player and Ivan Molnar Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers player. Boys have the longest experience in this sports so they decided to upgrade their sport’s career. Read about their plans in the first choaching mandate and how will they work […]

Ploče Eagles- a new member of our flock

Johnny Rončević, the 26-year-old Ploče Eagles club president gave us an interesting interview. Keep reading and find out more why he decided to form a club and what he thinks about main differences between Croats and Australians.  – When did you move to Croatia and why? I moved to Croatia on Christmas Eve, 2014, because […]