Josip Habljak, a Zagreb Hawks star player, will move to Australia and sign a professional contract with Adelaide footy club Sturt FC. The club plays in South Australian National Football League, one of the strongest footy competitions in the world.
Sturt finished 3rd last season and Josip will have 4 months to prove hist worth to the team and for everyone to see just how great of a player he is.
SANH takes great pride in Josips success and we hope that he is just the first of many players to come. Congrats to Josip and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!


KAN Sesvete was foudnend by three former Zagreb Hawks players, Dejan Pavković, Dinko Irsag and David Glavaš, who all live in the town of Sesvete. They’ve done an excellent job recruiting players so KAN Sesvete already has more than 15 members.
Team practice’s held at the old Croatia Sesvetefootball field on Saturday and Sunday. All those who are interested can contact Dejan Pavković by e-mail: KAN Sesvete will join the HLAN in 2015 and for the first time we’ll have a 5 team league.
Good luck to our new members!


The tournament will be held in Slavonski Brod, October 19th starting at 1pm.
Slavonski Brod Tigers will open against Zagreb Cvjetno Docerks, followed by Zagreb Hawks- Zapruđe Giants match. 3rd place match is scheduled at 3pm, finals at 4pm. Come and enjoy footy and a great after party with drinks and barbecue.


The tournament hosted 16 teams divided into 4 groups, Croatian Knights had no problems against Catalonya (50:0) and Austria (33:10), but were defeated by a single goal margin against Denmark (11:17).
Finishing second i their group, Knights had to play against the tournament host and reigning European champions – England Dragonslayers. In the most exciting match of the tournament Knigths won by less than a goal and went on to the semi-finals , Croatia 25:22 England.
In the semi-finals Knigths had no problems against Germany easing into a 51:16 victory, ready to meet Denmark again in the finals match. Once again Denmark proved to be too tough of a opponent and defeated the brave Knights. With a second place finish and another silver medal Croatian Knights became the most successfull team in European Aussie rules history.


City of Drniš will host a game between Croatian and Netherlands, the game si scheduled to be played August 2nd starting at 6 pm.
The two teams met already in Euro Cup finals match in Milano, Italy. Croatian Knights won with a Adam Lončar buzzer beater. It’s been four years since and we expect no less excitment and a great after party. To all footy fans, see you in Drniš.


Slavonski Brod Tigers – Zapruđe Giants 46-60
Zagreb Hawks – Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers 78-61

ZagrebHawks – Slavonski Brod Tigers 58-20
Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers – Zapruđe Giants 71- 52

Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers – Slavonski Brod Tigers 63-58
Zagreb Hawks – Zapruđe Giants 102-39

Slavonski Brod Tigers – Styrian Downunderdogs 83-42
Zagreb Hawks – Zapruđe Giants 30-0

Zapruđe Giants – Slavonski Brod Tigers 63-60
Zagreb Hawks – Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers 71-48

Zagreb Hawks – Styrian Downunderdogs 89-47
Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers – Zapruđe Giants 30-0

Slavonski Brod Tigers – Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers 126-70
Zapruđe Giants – Styrian Downunderdogs 30-0

Zagreb Hawks – Slavonski Brod Tigers 137-50
Styrain Downuderdogs – Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers 61-68


Last round was exciting. HLAN champions second year in a row Zagreb Hawks won the final match for the CEAFL title against young team of Slavonski Brod. From the beginning they were a better side and have won 137-50.
Downunderdogs were waiting for Dockers but the team from Zagreb won by 7 points (68-61).


Another game in Slavonski Brod and finally a victory for Tigers against Dockers. With this win Tigers have finally beat a Croatian club, and now they are at the first place in CEAFL (same points as Hawks) and they will face Hawks in the next round.
Giants won against Downuderdogs by 30 points.


Away game for Hawks in Austria against Downuderdogs. It was a tough match but Hawks manage to win. With this victory Hawks jumped to the first place of CEAFL.

Dockers won against Giants by 30 points.


5th round brought us two important games. The game between Hawks and Dockers is declared as the game of the season. In the first match Giants won against Tigers by less than one goal. Dockers had a big advantage in first two quarters (up to 30 points) but Hawks manage to concentrate and fight back. They have turned the match around and won showing great character and determination.


Slavonski Brod was the host of the 4th round. Hawks beat Giants 30-0 and Tigers won against  guest from Austria. That was their first victory.

Tigers have shown a great progress in 2014 and they are becoming serious opponent to all other clubs.
Hawks stayed at the top with this victory and kept their advantage over Dockers.


We are expecting the game between Giants and Hawks, and Dockers versus Tigers. We hope to see good footy as always, barbecue and social gathering after.
Free entrance. Also it is The AAFC open doors day in cooperation with the eStudent. Our player will present their footy skills and teach all interested about this sport.


Academic Cup will be held in Zagreb on 26. April 2014. In February and March, AFFC will start lectures on University of Zagreb and University of Rijeka. Students will be introduced to Australian rules football trough video lectures and trainings. Academic clubs will play on Cup in Split and if there will be interest to found club after the cup, AAFC will provide all help available to join club in our family and provide them with equipment. We invite you to come and play in Zagreb and support growth of footy in Croatia.


Josip Habljak, Zvonimir Murković and Filip Lenić are elected to represent best Europe players under 23 years. Team, called European Legion will play against AIS AFL Academy in London on 12 April 2014. Our best 3 young players will travel to London on 6 April where they will train with team until 12 April when clash starts.
AIS AFL Academy is most successful Aussie rules football school in Australia and they established tradition of producing young starts. There are so many AFL star players that were part of this academy.
Wish you luck boys and make us proud!


2nd round brings us Hawks versus Tigers and Zagreb Cvjetno Dockers  versus Zapruđe Giants matches. Hawks won against Tigers in bad weather.  Dockers beat Giants in this round derby and showed Hawks their ambitions for 2014.


Host: Slavonski Brod

Date: April 5th 2014
Slavonski Brod mayor opened the game and a debut of the SB Tigers
It was a tight match but more experienced Giants won 60-46. Giants players Filip Lenić and David Lazanin and  Tigers players Lubina and Matiša have showed the most in this game.
Saturday brought has brought us an exciting derby between Hawks and Dockers.

Subota nam je donijela i derbi HLAN-a između Zagreb Hawksa i Zagreb Cvjetno Dockersa. Hawks won 78-61.
Hawks players Cvetko, Habljak, Prtenjača and Diklić, a Dockers players Dario Horak, Ivan Molnar and Lovre Čudina were the best players on the field.


Academic Cup will be held in Zagreb on April 26th. This pilot project, which last year was quite successfully held between Oxford University and the Academic Club Zagreb continues, and in 2014 is planned to establish the involvement of the Academic Club Split and Rijeka.

During February and March lectures are planned at the University of Rijeka where students will be offered to train and learn about footy. All interested parties should play the game on April 26th in Zagreb.

If due to the additional interest of players will be any initiative to establish clubs in Rijeka, AAFC will support the clubs and help them with everything.

There is also an option to join one of the foreign Universities into our community and we are waiting for their response.

For all information feel free to contact Josip Josipović and Josip Kravar.

All detailed information will be posted on the official website.

FER March 7th 2014 at 4pm, Hall A111.

FSB (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) 03/12/2014 3pm Hall C


The Cup was played at the FC Zelengaj field with match Giants versus Hawks.

After a poor start to the season the Giants have returned with a great victory over the Dockers and took 2nd place in the final ranking on the table. The match started and it was tight until the half. During the third quarter the Hawks demonstrated all the power with a great teamwork. The rapid 5 consecutive goals and excellent center line players work was enough to start celebrating another title this season. The Hawks were celebrating 20.7.127-9.13.67. The game was a good indication of what awaits us in 2014 season. Awakened Giants will only be stronger, Dockers who can beat anyone, friends from Graz who have stepped up with young talents and always strong Hawks, the champions.

Čestitke svim igračima na vrlo uspješnoj sezoni.


The big final of the Croatian Cup will be played on Sunday October 13th at the FC Zelengaj field in Dugave.
Within the matches charity action will take place. We will be gathering funds to help children from an orphanage in Zagreb Nazarova street, and all proceeds from the match goes to children. We invite you all to come in large numbers to enjoy the excellent footy and to help those who need it most.


Although they have already won the title, Hawks beat the Downunderdogs in the last round too.
Hawks-Downunderdogs 158-24
Dockers-Giants 54-128
The best player of the championship: Tomislav Cvetko.
Best rookie: Josip Habljak.


We are watching the Grand Final between Hawthorn Hawks and Fremantle Dockers at the Old Pharmacy Pub in Andrije Hebranga 11 street in Zagreb. Game starts at 6am.


In Euro Cup held in Bordeaux Croatian Knights won the bronze medal. Zvonimir Murković was selected into the best team of the tournament. For the first time since they were founded, Zagreb Hawks won the Croatian league and the cup. Josip Habljak was selected rookie of the year, while Tomislav Cvetko won the player of the year award. Another succesfull year is behind us and we are looking forward to new challenges and victories.


After participating in the European Championship in Dublin and finishing as 5th Croatia is heading to Bordeaux to the Euro Cup. There will be 16 teams in the competition and Croatia is one of the favorites for the title.
We have won the gold in 2010, silver in 2008 and 2011 and bronze back in 2009. A series of of 4 years was broken by the Danes in 2012 when our team lost in the quarterfinals in less than a goal in a thrilling match. After strenuous preparations throughout the year, final preparations are waiting for us and a trip to Bordeaux.


Croatian national team participated in the European Championship in Dublin and finished 5th. Tomislav Cvetko was the best scorer of the championship and alongside Josip Habljak and Josip Kravar a part of the team of the tournament.

Croatia was the youngest team in the European Championship and our young talented players showed that we have a bright future in front of us.


AAFC signed a two years contract with Australian company ACEIT. Our national team player will wear new jerseys in the European Championship in Dublin 2013 and in World Cup in Melbourne 2014. We hope this is the beginning of a good cooperation between AAFC and ACEIT.


Zagreb Hawks won the title after win against Velika Gorica Dockers. Result was 75-19. This was their first title.
Zapruđe Giants lost a game against Styrian Downuderdogs. 6th round awaits us in September with games Hawks versus Downunderdogs and Velika Gorica Dockers versus Giants.


We are a group of marketing students from the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, Germany. We are conducting a survey in cooperation with the AFL Europe in order to find out about people’s interest in sports particularly in Australian Football. Australian Football is relatively new in Europe. Our goal is to make this fascinating sport even more accessible and enjoyable for you. That is why we need your help!
The online survey only takes about 5 minutes to fill out. Follow this Link.
All submissions will be treated as strictly confidential and remain anonymous. The collected data will only be used for our academic research but If you like we can provide you with the final results after the survey is completed. Thank you very much for your support!


3rd round has brought a few surprises. First time after changing the name, Dockers won against Giants. They were a better side from the beginning. Hawks beats Downuderdogs.
Velika Gorica Dockers vs Zapruđe Giants 94-46
Styrian Downunderdogs vs Zagreb Hawks 166-55


Velika Gorica Bombers have cooperated with the Fremantle Dockers from Perth and thus renamed the club in Velika Gorica Dockers. With this move Dockers as the Hawks and Giants entered into a collaboration with fellow clubs from Australia. Dockers will be provided with balls and jerseys in the following seasons which will greatly help not only the club but also the development of our sport in Croatia.

We wish Dockers a good luck and congratulations on the cooperation!


Hawks won against Bombers while Giants demolished the Downunderdogs. Once again we saw a great  footy in Zagreb. Giants are at the top of the table.

Velika Gorica Bombers vs Zagreb Hawks 47-66
Zapruđe Giants vs Styrian Downuderdogs 21-146


Velika Gorica Bombers vs Styrian Downuderdogs 128-22
Zagreb Hawks vs Zapruđe Giants 57-62
1st round brought us an exciting match between Hawks and Giants and easy victory for Bombers.


North London Lions, England champions came to Zagreb on April 21st.

This team consists mostly of Australians living in London and as such they’ve learned Australian football long before our guys. Lions needed an opponent to play a friendly match with before the start of the season. Immediately after the first contact, we offered them to play against our national team because this was the great opportunity to play against the best club in Europe. The match started well for the Knights. They did not expect that and were jolted in the second half when they showed us why they are champions of England.

The match was still in the hands of the Knights all the time but at the very end a little lack of concentration and luck has cost us the game. Even Lions could not believe they pulled it after the whistle. It was a good school for us and a lesson that Australian football is a fickle sport and that the game is not over until the whistle.

The final score 90-92 for North London Lions.


During March 2013 the AAFC has started a pilot project “Academic Australian football club Zagreb”.

The aim of the project was to involve as many students into Australian football and to play against the oldest club of Australian football outside Australia, Oxford University (since 1920) on March 14th.

Thanks to the help of the University of Zagreb, and especially thanks to the Kinesiology Faculty which allowed us to hold lectures in March, our team of students had gathered.

The match was played in front of full stand. Experienced Oxford team went on to win 97 to 57 but our boys who trained less than a month before the game got all the praise from Oxford colleagues. The cup was presented by our guest of honor, the Australian consul and our eternal fan Dijana Grahovac. After the game, we continued with barbecue, good company, and evening entertainment at the cafe bar FERAX. At the end colleagues from Oxford promised to return soon to the Academic Cup.




Croatian League is a tournament which will be played on a monthly basis. Tournament involves all clubs which are playing the same number of matches. The victory brings 4 points, a tie 2 points.
FIRST TOURNAMENT April 28th 2012 at “GRUNT” – our field behing Faculty of Kinesiology on the Mladost rugby field

13:00-13:35-Zapruđe Giants-Velika Gorica Bombers
13:50-14:25-Zagreb Hawks-Styrian Downunder Dogs
14:40-15:15-Zagreb Hawks-Zapruđe Giants
15:30-16:05-Velika Gorica Bombers -StyrianDownunder Dogs
16:20-16:55-Velika Gorica Bobers-Zagreb Hawks
17:10-17:45-Zapruđe Giants- Styrian Downunder Dogs

Come and enjoy in beans and sausages, beer and, of course, the best sport in the world !!!


We are looking forward for your arrival.


Australian Rules Football Club Zapruđe started this spring to prepare for the new season. From this season, the club and its players will perform under different name – KAN Zapruđe Giants. They have changed the name due to the start of cooperation with the Australian club GWS Giants.

In addition to the name and jerseys, club starts with the new coach in this season and they are working to find a new and more suitable terrain for our players to have the best conditions for training and playing matches. All of these changes were made with the aim of our further progress and hope that this season will bring some trophy in the club showcase. Also we want to add some new players to the team to bring new strength and get the “old” players to an even greater effort and commitment. Also the growing popularity of the club on the block is very pleasing, and we hope for greater support and turnout of fans in the upcoming matches.


My name is Josip Kravar and I love footy for a couple of years now. I am a coach so I’ll try to tell you from my experience why you should start playing australian football. sporta.

What is australian football?

Australian rules football is the australian national sport, and the most popular sport in Australia. Records show that the sport originates from Melbourne and indicate that games have been played since 1841. The true origin of the game is debated until this very day. What we know for sure is that the first official game was played in Melbourne in 1858. and the official rules where introduced in 1859. In the beginning australian football was limited to the state of Victoria and the league was called VFL (Victorian Football League). During the years the sport spread accross the continent and in 1989 the AFL (Australian Football League) was formed. At the moment the AFL counts 20 clubs. During the season clubs compete in the league and the best 8 enter the playoffs. Their goal is to reach the greatest event of the season, the Grand Final. AFL is the third most visited sports league in the world with the average of 32.000 spectators per game.


When did Croats start to play it?

It all started back in 2005. Today we have 3 clubs and the 4th are our friends from Graz. Together we play in HLAN league from March to June, after which we go on a summer break and we continue in September to the beginning of October.

What are the rules?

Australian football is a team sport which is played with 18 players a side, on a cricket or similar oval field. The field dimensions are 135-185 meters long and 110-150 meters wide. The ball is oval shaped but different from the one used in rugby and american football. The ball can be passed both by foot and hand in any direction. Game purpose is to score a goal between the middle posts which counts as 6 points. Scoring through the outter posts counts as 1. The legal way of stopping an opposing player in possesion of the ball is by tackling him. Duration of the game is 4×20 minutes and the players can be substituted at any time.


Why should I play australian football?

You will meet a bunch of new people, travel all accross the Europe and world with us, you will play in interesting league and possibly for our national team. We must not forget to say that trainings are held at Faculty of Kinesiology which is very close to any student dorm. Membership fee in the first year is free for all new Hawks or Bombers members. Why free? Because we are a bunch of enthusiasts who love this sport and we don’t have any profit from it. It’s totally worth of it once you get to wear Croatian national team jersey and when you hear national anthem for the first time.


Is it a rough sport?

One of the misconceptions about Australian football is that the sport is rough, and that the players are just beating each other. It’s not a ballet but it’s not a UFC neither.  Roughness of this sport is at the level of handball. In seven years we had 2 or 3 injuries but not any serious ones that would prevent players to return to the game. Australian rules football can be played by people of all heights and weights. If girls can play it, you can too.


Do you need to be fit to train? How to synchronize my obligations, faculty?

A lot of people never trained before, but a lot of them are now one of the important pieces of the national team. We help each other a lot during training sessions and the games. If you are fit, great! If not, don’t worry. You will be very soon. We train 4 times a week and they are adapted to students. On Tuesday and Thursday we train at 7pm and on Saturday and Sunday at about noon. Running, exercise the power and technique of the sport are parts of the training sessions.

So wait a minute. I play, train for free my first year, travel a lot, meet up some new friends and it’s all in my neighborhood?

Simple as that, come and try it. Most of us were like you now. Australian football was the best thing that happened during college. I’ve met a lot of great guys, traveled a lot and had a lot of fun. You can’t compare a usual night out with a night out with all your team mates after winning the Euro Cup. You won’t ever forget it. So get moving and start to play footy right now.


Trainings start on March 6th 2012
Training schedule and a short description:

7pm ‘NASIP’ (next to a night club Brasil)- RUNNING At the beginning we ran al together slowly. Then we start to run with change of rhythm. We will run together and try to simulate the pace from the game.

7pm ‘NASIP’ (next to a night club Brasil)- COMBINED EXERCISE Here’s gonna be all from running, push ups, jumps, sprints, etc. It’s something like military exercise to  increase your endurance and explosiveness.

11am ‘GRUNT’ – TECHNIQUE AND ”THE GAME” Training will be focused on technique and to the game itself.  We will practice the technique a shot for a goal with Tony. I shall strive to be a dynamic and interesting training.

Bye guys and see you soon at the training field!


Five of our players are selected to represent the ‘Continent’ team and now they are looking for a sponsor so they could travel to the game.
European Legion (u23) will play against u23 team from Australia which play for the AIS AFL Academy. The game is scheduled to start on April 2012.

It’s the academy for the most talented kids in Australia and it is the base for the AFL. First five picks on the draft are from this academy. Our two player will play for the European Legion team, Luka Čudina ( Velika Gorica Bombers) and Zvonimir Murković ( KAN Zapruđe Giants).
At the same time Tomislav Cvetko (Velika Gorica Bombers), Josip Kravar (Zagreb Hawks) and

Fran Tonković ( Zagreb Hawks) will play for the European Titans team (23 years and older) which will play against AIS AFL academy from Paris. This is the greatest test we can possibly imagine, because the Australian players are the best in the world. It’s a great honor to play in those games. Many scouts from Australia will be there too watching at our boys. AFL Europe secured the accomodation and food for the players but thats all. In Croatia in the absence of the sponsors players are on their own. AAFC is trying to find them a sponsor for the plane tickets. As a non-profit organization and as a group of enthusiasts and footy lovers we truly hope to find someone who will recognise the effort of our boys and who will be theirs proud sponsor.

After the game you will get a detailed report of the game.


Zaprešić Eagles are the Croatian Cup 2011 winners.
They have won against the champions VG Bombers in the first match, and against KAN Zapruđe in the second match too.
In the second place game KAN Zapruđe won against VG Bombers. That was their first official victory.